5 Must Know Strategies for Effective Pavement Preservation

Pavement is one of your most expensive assets. 

Becoming educated in pavement preservation will help you choose the treatment for your roadways that will achieve the maximum extension of pavement life for each dollar invested.

Effectively mitigating costs by extending the life of your pavement assets requires planning. Whatever the use of the asphalt pavement you own or manage, remember one thing… You can manage your asphalt assets or they will manage you. If you manage them, that means a lot less out of your pocket.

Evaluating what’s proven to work in your area will help spend the least amount of money over time. The more you get educated you become on pavement, you will benefit from…

  • The lowest possible expenditures
  • Higher aesthetics & property values
  • Fewer premature failures
  • No special assessments
  • More predictable costs
  • Reduced need for costly rehabilitation or reconstruction